First, we mentioned donating to causes we liked, in lieu of handing out favors.

Around the same time, I realized that name card holders could also serve as favors.

After seeing Bakerella’s Cake Pops, I wanted to make grenade-shaped cake pops.  But, I’m usually not a fan of edible favors (especially if they can be consumed the night of the wedding and then promptly forgotten), so I kept searching for another favor idea to add.

Then, Going Home to Roost posted a tutorial for DiY watercolors, and I began to envision a palette of red, gold and black with a tiny calligraphy brush attached.

Now, I realize that we still have almost a year and a half to go (one year, five months and four days, to be exact) — meaning that I may decide I don’t like an idea or I may find another one that I really like — but I like to solidify my plans as soon as possible.  Are two (or three) favors too many?