Shooter graduated from PetSmart’s beginner level of puppy training last night.  It took us the full hour and a half to complete about 30 tasks, from sitting in front of the cat adoption center to sitting in front of the bird cages.  Over the course of his training, Shooter also learned to sit, stay, come, bow, down, beg and roll over.

At the end of the test, Shooter graduated and had the opportunity to wear a little mortarboard.  He wasn’t too certain about it, as is evident from the photos, but once it was on his head, he wore it and waited for Alan to take it off after a few minutes.  He received a certificate from PetSmart, as well as Blue Buffalo, my favorite brand for dog food and treats.  To celebrate his graduation, he also received a small tin of treats, a bag of mini Milk Bones, some rawhide treats, a Healthy Living Pomegranate & Cherry chicken chew (which he loved), a tennis ball from Blue Buffalo and some GNC Pet vitamins.  Aside from the PetSmart gifts, Shooter also has a treat bag similar to the one his trainer carries, a chipmunk toy and a peanut butter-filled knee bone (ew).

Have you ever taken your dog to training classes?  What’s your dog’s favorite treat?