I did the math — since we have half the number of invitation materials that we need, we’ll spend approximately $100 on invitations (yesterday’s finds were $49.28 with a 20% discount coupon applied).  We also received a 40% off coupon for one item.  Some people may be horrified by the fact that I’m not only listing the cost of the wedding, but I’m also using coupons.  But, I’d like to remind you that I don’t care, that budget weddings are in, especially for college students with loans, and that I have a three-ring binder to organize my coupons aisle by aisle.

And, this morning, a lady from church told Mom that she receives 40% off coupons every week for Michaels (also accepted at A.C. Moore), and we could have them if we wanted them.  Which means that, if we time our purchases correctly, we could be getting everything at Michaels for 40% off.  Which means that the other half might cost less than what we’ve already purchased.  Which would really be a blessing, because last I checked, weddings, houses, child support, college loans, pets and everything else don’t pay for themselves.  Poop.

Oh, and don’t forget gas — it’s currently $3.25 in town, and I rumor has it that it’s supposed to reach $5 per gallon this year.

Do you use coupons frequently?  Have you ever used coupons to pay for normally costly items?