Alan and I stopped at the National Food & Garden Store today.  It’s one of my favorite stores, and a place we’ll definitely recommend for our out-of-town guests who may want to do some shopping or sightseeing while here.  NFGS is an independent store that sells organic and natural goods, ranging from vitamins to coffee to bath and body products.  We usually purchase spices and ginger beer (similar to ginger ale, but with a stronger ginger flavor).  Today, we picked up some wildflower honey, crystallized ginger, ginger shrub and a ginger, lemon and honey drink.  And, because I received a gift certificate to the store for Christmas, we paid less than $5 for everything.

We also stopped at Michaels and purchased some invite materials.  Unfortunately, Michaels had a limited quantity of items since some of what we needed was on clearance, so we had to decide whether to chance finding the rest of what we needed, or simply send half of the invitations with one color scheme, and the other half with the opposite color scheme.  In the end, Michaels didn’t have enough envelopes and cards in the desired colors, anyway, so we couldn’t even do half and half based on what was in stock.  We’ll have to search online or elsewhere to find the rest of the paper that we need.  On the upside, we do have some paper, which means that tonight will be full of ginger drinks and mock ups.

Have you ever gone shopping for something and found that the store didn’t have everything you needed?  Did you decide to mix and match, or did you wait and hope you’d be able to find what you needed?