Last night, Alan and I played Epic Mickey.  It was a Christmas gift that will take him/us forever to play through, because we rarely play video games (not that I’m complaining; I rather enjoy having a life).  Since it’s a one-player game, he took the nunchuk and I used the remote.  We constantly restarted levels, which was due to a combination of the fact that I couldn’t remember which button executed which function and our inability to read each other’s minds.  At one point, I became frustrated and told him he could have both controllers, since he plays more often than I do (I’m usually the one addicted to my laptop).  To which he responded, “I will never leave a fallen comrade!”  So, we spent part of last night tag teaming Epic Mickey.  It was pretty epic.

Mom, Dad, Alan and I went to D.C. Coffee & Tea Co. today.  My family has been frequenting D.C. for years, and Dad usually spends his mornings in the coffee shop, chatting with his friends.  It’s also where Alan and I first started spending time together — I (or maybe Dad — I can’t recall) introduced Alan to the other guys, most of whom are military veterans.  The coffee shop changed ownership within the past two years, and the new owner, Toni, has accepted our request for a wedding cake.  Toni also makes a fantastic “Moose on the Loose,” a peanut butter and chocolate frozen coffee drink that Alan and I highly recommend.  510 days to the wedding, and we have our cake covered!