I lost track of time this morning and remembered that I had class 20 minutes before it started.  This morning began with my Jeep refusing to auto start.  Which would have been fine, had the temperature not been 3F (on the upside, it was -9F at home).  Then, I realized that the alarm which alerts me if there’s an object behind the vehicle, sounds every time I shift into reverse.  Which would have been fine, had I not needed to parallel park on a semi-snowy/icy road (thank you, PennDOT), between two vehicles.  When I finally managed to park, I realized that the snow between the curb and the sidewalk had not been shoveled (at any point along the entire stretch of road), and it was too wide/high for me to jump it.  Which would have been fine, had I not been wearing ballet flats (I even considered being intelligent and wearing sneakers, but decided against it because I wouldn’t have to deal with snow).  Do you know how much pain snow causes when it freezes your foot?  A lot, that’s how much pain it causes.  Like, so much pain that I considered just walking barefoot to class.  Fortunately, once it started going numb, I just ignored everything and focused on walking to the classroom, on the other end of campus.  I considered stopping in the campus center to warm up and double-check my schedule, but decided to simply focus on getting to class.  And then, when I got to the building, I realized I was supposed to be in class in a lecture hall at the end of campus from which I had just walked. Like, a classroom in the campus center.  Ha ha, life.  You’re funny.

Fortunately, this is the second-to-last first day of the spring semester.  And, if I’ve worked out my schedule and credits properly (I doubt it), I may only need two classes next spring semester.  Which, I found out today, would make me a part-time student.  Extra time for a job = yay!  Potential loss of grant money due to part-time status = boo.  I need to speak with my advisers to determine whether this is true.  If it is, I’ll have to decide whether to fit in those extra classes during the summer and fall (and graduate in December) or add two classes that spring to supplement my background.  And, then?  Then, I receive that incredibly expensive piece of paper and marry my best friend.

Speaking of marrying my best friend, I recall once asking my parents who their best friends were.  They each replied the other (I didn’t ask them at the same time), and, being young(er), I didn’t understand how Mom could be Dad’s best friend, and vice versa.  Especially because I have always had at least two best friends (and in high school, I had four).  But now, I’m finally understanding that it’s actually cool (because, at the time, I thought it was sad and lame that my mom’s best friend was my dad) and awesome and everything else to be almost married to your best friend.

Did you marry (or do you plan to marry) your best friend?

{EDIT} I forgot to add that, when I started the ignition after classes, I noticed a new light on my dashboard.  According to the owner’s manual, one or more of my tires has low pressure.  And I have no idea how to put air in a tire.