Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ puppy mills. Even though I dislike them, I never really gave them a second thought until we adopted Shooter.  Shooter is arguably a puppy mill dog, though we aren’t entirely certain because Shooter was born to one family and then given to another to sell.  This weekend, however, Alan and I passed a puppy mill not far from my house.  It’s been there for years.  I’m currently working on an article about puppy mills and PA’s status as the “puppy mill capitol of the east.”

+ eight more classes. I need eight more classes to graduate with a BA in communications/journalism and history.  Eight more classes.  And, since my college is still in the technological dark ages, I can’t take any courses online.  I had really been hoping to cram my schedule and graduate in December.  That would give me an entire semester to job hunt wherever the Army sends Alan, plus some super-intensive wedding planning during those crucial months.  Actually, I could probably take fewer than eight classes if I skipped the honors thesis next year, but I spoke with one of my advisers last week.  I was told that some of my professors became worried that I wouldn’t fulfill my potential by marrying straight out of college and would skip grad school.  Honors thesis, it is.
I can’t believe I only have eight more classes.  I’m psyched to graduate now, but I know there will come a time when I’ll be longing for today — going to class from 10 – 12 and then doing homework, blogging and waiting for the evening so I can call Alan.  Also, naps are amazing.

+ pure. I decided to re-read Pure: A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, the Body & the Spirit by Rebecca St. James.  It was incredibly powerful the first time around, when I read it last year.  Fortunately, since I’ve been going home on a regular basis (read: every.  single.  weekend.), I’ve been able to attend church on a regular basis, as well.  Nevertheless, I think it’s still important to spend time with God on a daily basis.  Plus, Rebecca St. James is one of my favorite Christian artists, and her song “Wait for Me” is my absolute favorite.

+ twenty-one. My birthday falls on the first full day of Spring Break.  It will be nice to put another year between my age and teenage years, because I’m already rather tired of people referring to me as a “kid.”  On the downside, that’s another year between my age and teenage years.  Last year I freaked out because I realized I was halfway to 40.  Soon, I’ll be over halfway to 40.  Not.  Cool.