T managed to stay within his $15 budget — he and Alan made bruschetta (pronounced brus’ketta — this is a major pet peeve of mine, because most people pronounce it bru’shetta), spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  It was delicious and T and Mom are already exchanging recipes.  After dinner, we discussed politics — T and C included!  C was even aware that something was happening in Egypt, which impressed me because he didn’t know the differences between continents, countries, states and counties over the summer (summer was spent borrowing books from the local library and studying BrainQuest flash cards).  We discussed the whats and whys of the protests in Egypt, and T explained why he disagrees with President Obama and the new healthcare plan.

This photo was originally going to be an artsy shot of the noodles, but then I noticed Maddie in the background.  Maddie has a history of popping up in the background of photos.

Maddie and Shooter were also eager to help T and Alan cook.  When they weren’t allowed, they decided to lay down in the middle of the kitchen.

While T and Alan were cooking, I was editing a +4,000 word article for Editing and Print Production.  I thought I’d be ambitious and take on the beastly article about the Spanish labor movement.  I’m now thinking that “ambitious” isn’t quite the word I want.  I also managed to pack up the prize packages for Katie and Anastasia.  I wrote each of them notes on the back of postcards pertaining to their husbands’ branches of service.  Since I’ve had them for years, I can’t recall exactly where I purchased them.  If anyone knows where I can find more of these (I have Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy postcards, but I think there may be others for the other branches, as well), I would be incredibly grateful!