Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ chivalry. I was at the grocery store last night, and because I purchased a lot of stuff both for home and the apartment, and because I had half as many coupons as I did items, and because the cashier insisted on checking on everything, it took a while. The guy behind me introduced himself as Sidney, and I eventually learned that he sometimes visits my college because he works for the radio station. Since it seemed that I was going to be standing in the check out lane for the rest of the night, he decided to move down to the next one. As I was leaving, he asked me if I needed any help taking my bags to my car.  Scenes vaguely similar to that only ever happen when I’m on a military base.  And by “vaguely similar,” I mean that a man might hold a door open for me.

+ looking cool. Speaking of military bases and chivalry, I stopped at FIG on the way home on Friday.  After stepping out of the Jeep, I realized that the ice had melted and the parking lot was dry.  The only sign that the entire parking lot had been covered in an inch of ice just a few days prior was the fact that there were cinders everywhere.  Since I was wearing heels, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Until I hit the one patch of ice about a foot from the sidewalk.  Hoping that I wouldn’t slip because there were two men and a woman chatting just a couple of feet away, I nonchalantly stepped on the ice.  Please note that this usually isn’t an issue, because at home, our driveway always becomes a sheet of ice in the winter.  Eventually, you figure out how to walk on it.  Unfortunately, I was wearing a new pair of heels that I’ve never worn on ice before, and had no idea how they’d take to the ice.
Not.  Well.  That’s how well they take to it.  I slipped not once, but twice, and mentally jumped for joy and screamed, “LAND!” when I finally stepped on the cement.  And even though the soldiers were staring at me, I pretended I didn’t notice them.  Thank God that was over.  And then I stepped inside the PX through the door to Subway.  It was lunch time.  And Subway was full of guys who apparently had nothing better to do than stare at the woman slipping across the ice.  I was so embarrassed I forgot to throw out my brown lunch bag and carried it into the bathroom with me.

+ booty call. My mom taught the 4-6 yrs. children’s church yesterday, and I helped.  As I sat down, I heard the pastor’s oldest son (who is 6) say something about a friend booty calling.  My mom and I then asked where he had heard that term.  He said he didn’t know, and Mom quickly changed the subject.  I’m homeschooling my kids.

+ choco leibniz. These are my favorite cookies.  Actually, they’re my second-favorite cookies.  Godiva has a similar chocolate-covered biscuit, which I adore.  However, the nearest Godiva (short of ordering online) is at the King of Prussia mall.  These were on sale at the grocery store, so I bought two boxes.  However, upon munching on a cookie from the first box, I realized that I had grabbed a box of dark chocolate.  I strongly dislike dark chocolate, so I was a bit sad that I had two boxes of dark chocolate-covered cookies.  However, I was craving something sweet and was pleasantly surprised to find that the other box actually had milk chocolate.

+ time crunch. Since I went to bed about 30 minutes later than usual, I woke up about 30 minutes later than usual (actually, I woke up at the usual time, but laid in bed for about 30 minutes).  Normally, that would be fine, but I had to cram my devotional and prayer time, four chapters (+80 pages) of readings and an article edit into about two hours.  Granted, all I had to do was re-headline the article, but since I didn’t get to that part until it was time for me to get ready to leave, I spent a few minutes blanking out and stressing.  That was not fun.  No more sleeping in for me.  At least until tomorrow.

+ silly dog. I was surprised to receive a text message from Alan this morning, when he was supposed to be in the gym.  Apparently, Shooter had escaped and Alan spent an hour chasing after/searching for Shooter, who had disappeared into the woods.  And the ice still hasn’t melted, so the foot chase turned into a car chase.  Shooter wasn’t reprimanded, however, since Alan was glad he came back.