The ceremony will be conducted at my grandmother’s house.  She owns ~6 acres of land, which means that there will hopefully be more than enough room for parking.  I spent a great deal of my childhood at Grammy and Papa’s house, and I want to use Papa’s room as my bridal suite.  Papa and I were very close — we used to watch Rio Lobo (and every other John Wayne movie) and Battle of the Bulge.  When I helped in the kitchen, he’d let me use knives (at which point I’d proudly go tell Grammy that I was old enough to use a paring knife, and she’d take it away because I wasn’t).  He’d give me scrap wood and nails so I could pretend to help while he made a new cabinet for Grammy or whatever his current project was.  In the garden, he squished potato bugs between his fingers — Sarah and I always used rocks.  He carried a salt shaker in his pocket so we could eat kohlrabi straight from the garden.
Papa passed away of cancer in 2006, which he’d been fighting intermittently since I was in middle school.  The night he died, I left the room to call a friend and tell her that I would not be able to audition for the spring musical with her, because I had spent the past few days in the hospital with Papa and had not glanced over the script.  By the time I returned, Grammy told me that he had passed away, and that I should kiss him goodbye.  After I kissed him, he took one last breath.  I like to think that he was waiting for me to say goodbye before going to Heaven.

The ceremony will begin on the half hour.  It is a Korean tradition that weddings begin on the half hour, as it is auspicious that couples begin their marriage on the upswing of the minute hand.  It will also most likely begin in the late afternoon, because we wanted an evening reception.  Besides, even though I think all of my guests live in-state, I think only two of his relatives live in-state.

{decor if east yard}
Flowers of Grammy’s choosing will be planted in the flower beds.  Current decor ideas include submerged flowers in tall, cylindrical vases lining chair rows.  Votives in small glass jars could be hung from surrounding branches.

{decor if west yard}
Garlands could be strung around the fences.  Submerged flowers in tall, cylindrical vases could line chair rows.  Votives in small glass jars could be hung from surrounding branches.

Carolan’s Welcome
Wedding Day at Troldhaugen
Air on the G String
Toccata in E Minor
Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9 No. 2
Allegro Maestoso

{processional & recessional}
Canon in D is overplayed.  The Wedding March is too traditional.  I have never actually heard Coldplay’s version of The Scientist (probably because we never listen to Coldplay), but Alan and I both love this piano cover: The Scientist.  As much as Rondeau reminds me of graduation, I love it.  A lot.  And Alan also thinks it would be an excellent recessional.
The primary issue with the music is the variety of instruments required.  Personally, I’m perfectly fine with an iPod and speakers, especially as Alan and I will not be having a DJ at the reception.  According to Alan, DJs and dance floors are for inebriates, and since we are not having alcohol, he doesn’t think anyone would really dance.  Except me.  My friends and I love to dance.  And we’ve never mixed dancing and alcohol.

La Rejouissance
Harp Concerto in B Flat Major: Allegro Moderato