It irks me when I know the answer to a question, but don’t raise my hand.  And then no one volunteers the answer, so the professor tells us the answer, and I realize I would have been the only one to know the correct answer (unless there are other people doing the same, which I don’t doubt).  For example.

This afternoon, I walked into class and my World History II professor was playing baroque on Pandora.  I knew it was baroque because, when I was about 13, baroque was all I listened to on AOL radio, as I typed away on my family’s ancient desktop computer (and by ancient, it was probably from 2001 or something).  I also knew it was baroque because it’s one of the very few genres of music I can listen to while studying.  I strongly dislike classical and romantic, unless I am doing nothing but enjoying the music.  Anyway.  The professor asked what genre of music we were listening to.  Someone said “classical.”  Um, no. Someone else said “renaissance.”  What?!  That’s not even a genre! And then the professor said, “Well, it was popular during the Renaissance — it’s called ‘baroque.'”  Poop.

One would think that I would have then been eager to raise my hand in class.  Not really.  During a discussion of cathedral architecture, the professor drew a diagram of a cathedral and supports on the side.  He asked what they were called.  “Buttresses,” I thought.  “Buttresses,” the professor said, a moment later.  If only he could read my mind.  Then, he said that architects built the buttresses farther from the main building, and asked if anyone knew.  No?  No one?  Flying buttresses.  And I knew that they were flying buttresses, because once on a trip to Sam’s Club, Circuit City had wooden props against the walls and Dad asked if I knew what they were.  I said I didn’t, so he told me that they were called flying buttresses.  And to think I’ve been storing that tidbit in the back of my brain for the past five or six or seven years, only to not use it today.

Have you ever regretted not raising your hand?

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