Loved the style and voice of your writing and how you integrated everything. You will make a fine journalist. The world needs more like you.

Granted, the person who wrote that was a source for a story, but it was the fact that she’s a published writer and is a former editor and writer for Rodale that really left me speechless.  I’ve enjoyed writing all of my life.  I “published” my first book of poetry in second grade — I typed and printed the poems, and my teacher helped me glue the paper to construction paper and had it laminated; my external hard drive is full of stories, character outlines and plots I’ve created over the years; the cassette recorder and digital recorder collecting dust on my desk are full of interviews I conducted as a teenager; and the desktop sticky notes currently hidden are full of article ideas.

But, it wasn’t until I started college that I published anything.  Even then, my first article wasn’t published until sophomore year, and the editor had such a different voice and approach that I can’t even stand to look at that piece, because it’s such a patchwork.

But now I’m the assistant editor in chief, the news editor and a staff writer.  After much perseverance and prayer, I have been blessed with three assignments for a publication I’ve been wanting to write for ever since I read the first issue (granted, Alan introduced me to it last summer, but it’s the principle of the matter!).  And it’s nice to see those grades transferring over into success out of the classroom.

Spring break begins in just two and a half weeks (and I turn 21), which means that I’m halfway through the semester — two and a half semesters from graduation.  Two and a half semesters from my degree.  From that countdown to loan repayment.  From the end of GPAs and final exams (at least for now!).  From the end of spending my days listening to professors and completing assignments to the beginning of spending my days in a cubicle my home office with mustard/sand-colored walls and black accents and a large, black desk and black bookshelves and a vintage map with pins to represent where Alan and I have traveled and gorgeous wood floors. … 

Two and a half semesters from becoming Alan’s wife.

Anyway, going back to that office idea.  The walls will be sort of this color.  And the atmosphere will be like this, but the desk will look more like this.  And there will be two of them, and they will form a U, because Alan will need to have an office space, too.  And it will all be generally amazing, like this.  And since I have yet to find the map I want, I could commission a painter to paint an entire wall, like in Pirates of the Caribbean (I’d also have to plunder the Caribbean in order to fund the project).  And it will look like THIS.  And this.  And this.  Except in that case, I wouldn’t use pins.  I’d use Post-It notes.

Did anyone else notice that the beginning of this post is about writing as a career, and it implodes into a rather unstructured rant about my obsession with my dream home office?