Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ skin care. Have you ever wanted to try some new skin care products but prefer customer reviews to company descriptions (I do)? Anastasia at Wild Blue Wonders won a giveaway package I sponsored for Household 6 Diva’s Blizzard Bloghop, and recently reviewed the Velocity set and MKMen facial bar and moisturizer.

+ quotables. “Free education, cheap health care, shut up.” – history professor explaining how dictators pacify their citizens
“If you were a member of the National Guard, and people from your hometown were attacking your base, would you mow them all down, even if you could?  You might … if you were psycho.” -history professor explaining how Libyans obtained firearms from military and police depots

+ award. Allison of The Diary of a Mrs. gave me a Most Valuable MilSpouse Award — even though I’m not a milspouse, I’m flattered.  Her blog is one of my must-reads — she was also adopted from Korea and is currently planning her wedding!  I am passing it along to some of my favorite bloggers:
+ Keri, The Glamorous Life of An Army Wife
+ Courtney, The Mommy Matters
+ Jess, Jesstagirl and Her Officer
+ Julie, Julie the Army Wife
+ Betty, Coffee With Betty
+ Sespi, And You Never Did Think
+ K, Our Navy Nest

+ family time. Alan and I visited my grandmother and aunt on Saturday.  He made chicken and pineapple pizza (my favorite — ham and pineapple has nothing on chicken and pineapple!), and my grandmother made an antipasto salad and beef rice soup.  The latter is one of my favorites — it’s more of a winter dish, so it always reminds me of hunting with Papa and Dad.

+ birthday month. In honor of my birthday month, I will be having weekly sales and gifts and general awesomeness in my Mary Kay store.  Throughout the month of March, I’m including a Premium Tweeze and Soothe gift set with any purchase worth $21 or more (Yeah, I don’t understand how it’s a “gift” if you have to make a purchase, either, but it does include a super-awesome mini Indulge Soothing Eye Gel).  Weekly sales will be posted in the sidebar to the right.