I tried the elliptical for the first time tonight.  It was a beast.  I am sore.  And I miss the treadmill.

In preparation for our engagement photo shoot (which I still have to confirm with the photographer), Alan and I decided to go to the gym.  Actually, he goes every day, because the Army tells recruiters they have to.  And now I’ll be going with him over spring break, so that means waking up at o’dark thirty to drive approximately 45 minutes to the gym at 7 a.m.  So … that means that I will be getting up at 6 a.m. at the latest.

My first mistake was not warming up properly.  Typically, if I don’t warm up enough, certain muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper arms start to hurt.  So, I stretched those muscles, thinking that I’d forgo thoroughly stretching my leg muscles and just start off slow.  That worked out fine, until my roommate hopped onto the elliptical next to me and my competitive drive kicked into gear.

My second mistake was thinking I could keep up with someone who uses the elliptical on an almost daily basis, when I haven’t hit “Quick Start” on the treadmill in about eleven months.  It took about five minutes for my legs to warm up and become accustomed to the elliptical, but I still wasn’t doing it properly.  My knees kept locking up (although they often do this anyway), so the majority of my weight fell on my thighs and glutes.  Both are already preparing tomorrow’s mutiny.  But my body finally found a rhythm about ten minutes into the workout (and then repeatedly lost and found it throughout the rest of the session).

I burned about 192 calories in approximately 26 minutes, which is 68 calories less than I would be burning in the same amount of time, on average, if I were going to the gym regularly.  That might actually matter if today’s diet hadn’t consisted of a bowl of Honey Nut Chex, a Caesar salad, a cup of fruit, a bag of chips, over half a dozen Thin Mints, two bowls of Macaroni Grill Spicy Italian Sausage Pomodoro (I don’t even want to think about the preservatives in that), some Japanese candies and wasabi & soy sauce almonds.  I keep telling myself that summer is coming and our engagement photo shoot is approaching, but my stomach really doesn’t care.