When I first saw the trailer for Red Riding Hood, I thought it looked interesting, albeit a bit frightening.  However, since it premiered the day before my birthday, I thought it would be a nice way to spend Friday evening with Alan.  And then I learned that it was produced by the same people who created Twilight.  Had it not been for the fact that Alan had already purchased tickets, I probably would have skipped the film.  But, I’m glad I didn’t.

The acting seemed forced in a few scenes, which was disappointing because I prefer to watch films in which I can “lose” myself.  I think it attests to the actors’ talents, and Red Riding Hood disappointed from time to time.  The special effects also screamed “low budget” in a few scenes, and there were a few discrepancies.  For example, someone is bitten during a scene, and the bite appears on the arm.  However, in the flashback, the person is clearly bitten on the shoulder.

Another disappointment was the historical inaccuracy of the film.  As an entertainment piece, it fulfilled its role.  But in keeping with reality (or as close to reality as a fairy tale can be), it fell short.  I assume this mostly bothered me as a history major currently studying the Medieval period.  First of all, two of the guards/knights who arrived with Father Solomon are African.  At that time, they would have most likely been Muslim.  And therefore would not have been traveling with a priest in northern Europe.  And in a festival scene, the music is a far cry from the music of the time.

However, the fact that the movie kept me guessing the whole time was a definite plus.  I was afraid that it would be very predictable — while the acting was, the primary outcome wasn’t (although the final outcome was).  The twist on a classic fairy tale was refreshing and the movie as a whole was entertaining.  The fact that there was no coarse language or nudity was also a plus; however, the film does include raunchy behavior, violence and alcohol.