Tonight’s dinner started with Alan and me making Jess’ cottage pie, which my family enjoyed (it’s almost all gone between four of us, and I had a second helping about an hour after dinner!).  Then, we made Sespi’s Irish Car Bomb Cake, which turned into more of a Schuylkill (SKOO-kul)-Irish cake.  Although, since Schuykill is the heart of the coal mining region of Pennsylvania, it’s probably safe to assume that there was a decent-sized population of Irish in that area.  And Poles.  And Hungarians.  I used Yuengling in place of the Guinness, but then substituted Bailey’s coffee creamer for both the Bailey’s and whiskey.  Everyone really enjoyed it, including my dad, who doesn’t like cake.  Next time, I’d like to make it more Pennsylvania-oriented and use a German beer.

After dinner and dessert, Alan and I prepared the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner, slow cooker potato soup.  I’ll start the slow cooker tomorrow morning, before we go to the gym, and then it will be ready in time for dinner!

I would also like to mention Going Home to Roost’s post about the handmade community’s efforts to help Japan.  I love the Japan Disaster Relief Bracelet by TopKnotch Gear.