Alan and I ventured into the Tokyo Hibachi & Bar Sunday evening.  It’s a lovely restaurant, with a sushi bar, hibachi grills, a small bar and a spacious dining area.  The waitstaff was also very polite, though we did experience a bit of ethnocentrism, which we’re used to.  The waitress constantly asked me for our response and ignored Alan, which seems to happen every time Alan and I go to an Asian restaurant (and was part of the reason why Alan and I stopped patronizing Panda Heaven).  Nevertheless, the food was very good and we are definitely eating there again!

Kumamoto oysters

The oysters arrived already cut and ready to eat.  They were accompanied by a spicy sauce and tasted remarkably delicious for seafood served in a landlocked state (I could have made a meal of them).  My other favorite oysters are served at Berret’s in Williamsburg.  The seafood served there is locally caught.

Flaming Volcano Roll

The volcano roll included eel, spicy tuna and cream cheese with a spicy mixture of crab, scallops and shrimp.

Bonsai Roll

The bonsai roll had tempura shrimp and spicy crab.  I can’t remember what else it included, but it was delicious as-is, without soy sauce and wasabi.

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

For dessert, we ordered fried ice cream.  The presentation was prettier than the photo shows, but I was using my BlackBerry and accidentally turned on the flash.  Alan and I both love green tea ice cream.  Haagen-Dazs is my favorite.