I chatted with Frank via Skype this morning — I use the app on my BlackBerry and he happened to be online while I was at church.  Yes, I admit I was sending text messages during the worship service and sermon.  And you know what?  It wasn’t until I was texting during the service, chatting with my former neighbor half a world away, that it really dawned on me that my right to practice religion freely, to congregate with other believers on a Sunday morning, is not so much a right but a privilege, bestowed on us by the blood, sweat and tears of our men and women in uniform.  And as much as I, as a journalism major, would like to proudly say that it is the press who gives us our freedom of speech, who keeps the government in check, I cannot, as a history major, say that our first amendment rights would exist without our second amendment rights and those willing to defend and make use of them.

Frank: Oh I am sorry [about Skype-ing you during church].  I will talk to you when church is over.  Didn’t mean to interrupt your time with the Big Guy.
Me: Well, you’re the one who allows me the right to spend my Sundays worshiping freely. <– This is where I had my epiphany.
Frank: Haha listen to you… you might as well be wearing a white and blue skirt with USO going across your shirt… thanks for the morale builder 😉
Me: Haha I’m just telling the truth!  You are awesome, Frank.  Thank you so much. 🙂 <– This is where I’m like, “Holy cowhorns!  This is so surreal sitting in church texting on my smartphone with a soldier in Afghanistan!”

It’s a serious reality check.