Life has been super busy this past week.  My interview with the National Guard went really well.  Two-hours-long well.

And, I received a call from the California National Guard and have two interviews scheduled — one for later today, and one for Friday.  I made both phone calls without scripts, which made me really happy.  I also called a PA Guard spouse and left a voicemail (I plan to call again later today).

I also worked on the two articles due next week.  I thought my word limit was 700 but realized it’s 300 (700 is for the Guard piece).  It’s been pretty interesting, working a 1,400 word article down to 850.  It’s currently in the mid-700 area.  My roommate from freshman year (and fellow history major, though she’s doubling with English whereas I’m doubling with journalism) gave me a few suggestions today — she is the only reason why the word count is no longer +800!