Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ quotables.  I realize that I haven’t posted quotables in a while, and they’ve been taking up space in the margins of my notes.

“People don’t become professors to teach about equality.  Teachers have an authoritarian mentality.  ‘I am the emperor of this room.  Try to screw with me and see how that works.'” – professor

“Maybe I should seed that in your minds.  You can go out and start a revolution.  But I don’t think it’ll work.  You know why?  Because you need credits to get a degree.” – same professor, on the French Revolution

“I don’t want to BS you.  I don’t know the answer to that question.” – professor

“The best way to win a war is to not lose.” – professor

“Sorry, boyhood is now illegal.  We have a drug for that.  It’s called Ritalin.” – professor

“We’re talking about where white men read newspapers and smoke cigars and plot to overturn the world.” – professor, on country clubs

“You know the feeling.  You’ve done a lot of work and you didn’t have enough sleep and you’re probably going to die.” – professor

“If you go to a meeting to plot the end of the United States, turn off your phone.” – professor, on the location-finding devices in smartphones

“You know how different communities have different radars, like Gaydar?  I have Mormondar.  I can spot Mormons.” – Mormon professor

“If you make enough up and downs, it eventually makes ‘communism.'” – professor, writing “communism” in cursive.

“Basically, we just call these credit card companies today.  Or student loan companies.” – professor, on the company-owned homes and stores of the Industrial Revolution

“This is why bats and flying reptiles … what’s a flying reptile? … pterodactyls … and birds all look the same.” – professor, on the similarities of flying creatures and evolution

+ homemade.  I made homemade honey butter on Saturday.

+ thai.  Alan made Phat Thai with chicken and plum sauce, a chicken coconut soup and eggs for dinner on Saturday.  It was pretty much amazing.

+ sony dcr-hc36.  If you happen to be in need of one of those, I’m selling one for $200 (it comes in the original box, with the lens cap, stereo AV adapter, AC adapter, remote control, USB cable, battery pack and CD-ROM with USB driver).  I bought it a few years ago, because my parents rewarded my sister and me for earning our black belts.  I chose a lovely barrel top writing desk.  My sister chose a camcorder.  Which I wanted, because I was preparing to spend a summer abroad and wanted to record my adventures (the amount of recording is obvious in the fact that some of the accessories have never even been taken out of the box).  Well, I’ve decided to sell my barely-used camcorder in the hopes of covering some costs that my senior honors thesis is going to incur (namely, travel, equipment upgrade and the care packages I’ve promised to the people who will help me).  Therefore, if you happen to want a like-new camcorder with the original packaging and everything else (except, ironically, the user  manual, which is downloadable), let me know.  It would be your contribution to my graduation with College Honors and Departmental Distinction (in both history and communications, if I do this properly).  And I know you want to help me want a semi-new camcorder.

+ ten.  There are ten days of class (including today) and one week of finals left this semester.  I only have one in-class final (that I know of), so I’ll pack up everything on Friday, drive two hours and twenty minutes to campus, take my final and drive two hours and twenty minutes home.  And then I will officially be a senior!

Which means I only have one more year of classes, assignments and exams before the real world + marriage + my first major move (aside from that kind of sort of really major one that happened about 21 years ago).

When did that happen?  And yes, I fully intend to act surprised at how swiftly graduation is approaching at every possible moment.