I’ve been working on a multimedia article localizing Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign and today interviewed the principal of a local school.  The principal was incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly.  I’m still working on letting my questions flow, as opposed to reading straight from my notebook.  I’ve found that writing notes on the page above – reminders to ask for clarification or expansion on a certain topic – is really helpful.

During finals week, I only (at this point) have one in-class final.  My communications finals are both projects/portfolios, and my world history final is a take-home essay, as far as I know.  As long as the schedule stays that way, I’m going to pack up everything on the last day of classes, go home for the weekend and my sister and I will drive down the day of my in-class.  Afterward, we’re going to the local Humane Society so she can take photos of the animals.  I’m going to write little profiles for them.  It’s my hope that more artistic, playful photos and profiles will help some of those animals find forever homes.  I’m very excited about this opportunity!

And all of that happened in the span of about two hours today.  As for every other day between today and last Wednesday, I haven’t done much by way of off-campus work.  Why does life always speed up toward the end of the semester?  These next two weeks will be far worse than finals week!