I’m currently in the midst of Crunch Week – the last week of classes before finals – so my schedule has been incredibly busy.  So busy, in fact, that it did not register when my professor mentioned class on Monday.  Apparently, because we did not have classes on Good Friday, we now have classes on Monday.  I find this annoying because we have never made up classes missed on Good Friday before.

A few days ago, my roommate approached me and asked if I had nice cursive writing.  I said that I supposed that I did, and she said that the education department is starting an education honors society chapter, and wanted to know if I would fill out the certificates.  Certainly.  Little did I know that “nice handwriting” actually meant “some sort of talent in calligraphy.”  Fortunately, I learned calligraphy in sixth grade during a Medieval unit in my social studies class.  Unfortunately, my wrists, fingers and joints happen to hate holding a calligraphy pen while I fill in three lines on 56 different certificates.  They also really hate it when I take a break during said writing to type a blog post.  On the upside, I am being paid for my skill that is far worse than most but better than some, and post-tithe, I am funneling the money into my thesis fund.  Or maybe the wedding fund.  Or the college loans fund.

I wish I had a spend-it-on-myself fund.

Also, the ladies at church have decided to crochet some lap blankets for the local women’s center.  Two of them asked if my sister and I would crochet some, and I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that yes, of course we had enough time to crochet blankets during the middle of crunch week and finals week!  I spent an hour crocheting on Monday while filling my brain with Veggie Tales and Spongebob Squarepants.  It was fantastic.  (Actually, I don’t understand how I managed to retain as many brain cells as I did.)

At some point I also realized that I have a print article due on Monday, aside from those surprise classes.

And I also realized that the college paper goes to press on Tuesday.

Then there’s my tutor evaluation bright and early Wednesday morning, because my boss had no free time.  And directly after that, the in-class Medieval History final.  And then the appointment at the local humane society.  And at some point, I have to drive home to pick up my sister, because she is photographing the animals while I write adorable, heart-warming profiles for them.

And then there is the Editing/Print Production portfolio, the magazine spread, the fourth hour requirement.  The Public Affairs final essay.  And the World History II final essays.

And then there is nothing.  And I will be a senior.  And I will have a few days to revel in that fact, and then there is C’s band concert; the engagement photo session; and the trip to California.

I haven’t even had a chance to research California.  And I’m always the one with the planned itinerary and packing list.  And I have nothing but an “I don’t care, whatever you think we should do is fine,” sort of answer when asked about what I want to do.

Which means that I had better figure that out soon, because otherwise it’ll be a month from now and I’ll say, “Why didn’t we do XYZ when we were in California?”