+ I wrote an 8-page paper in two hours.  I would not wish that on my worst enemy.  If I had a worst enemy.

+ Even though I knew driving home for the weekend would be a bad idea as far as study habits are concerned, I did it anyway.  And I didn’t study.  But I did manage to freak out, write a print article for Monday, and then realize that it was actually due on Tuesday.  Which was good, because I like to submit articles before deadline.

+ At some point, I decided I wanted to be crafty.  Aside from the lap robe I’ve been working on, my plans for the next week include making an upcycled bag from a t-shirt and upcycling rough drafts of articles and essays into a notebook.  I have plenty of both.  I have an American Eagle shirt with Arabic writing and an Old Navy shirt highlighting Morocco that would be perfect, because the AE shirt is too small and I never wear the Old Navy one anymore, but I’m too obsessed with the Middle East to get rid of them.

+ At the last minute, I decided to drive to campus on Monday.  For some reason beyond my understanding, the college decided that we needed to make up the classes we missed on Good Friday.  We also had classes on Easter Monday.  I had assumed that the semester would simply end on Friday, as usual.  And didn’t realize otherwise until about a week ago.

I deliberated whether to skip or go, and in the end, drove the +2 hour trip to campus on Monday morning, attended classes and drove the +2 hour trip home that afternoon.  It was fantastic.  Not really.

+ Tuesday was also insane with finishing two finals, including the 8-page reflection on one of my classes.  I seriously rambled for eight pages, and it was horrible.  I’d rather be concise and reflect in four pages.  Or, not reflect at all and just go home, but unfortunately the college administration doesn’t take kindly to that idea.  Darn.

On the upside, my mom, sister and I went to a local coffee shop to chat and I shipped a care package to Frank.

+ There was also a breaking news story with lots of legalistic issues.  I spent a good deal of Tuesday on the phone with the director of public safety and then on Skype with the co-writer of the article.

+ Wednesday was awesome.  My sister accompanied me to college, where I finished my Medieval History final exam in 45 minutes.  Then, we met with the student life editor (who has the same name as my sister) and the three of us ate lunch in the caf.  It was actually pretty decent; I had sesame chicken and a burnt French vanilla cappuccino.

Afterward, my sister and I went to the Humane Society to spotlight some of the animals.  She took photos while I took notes, which I’ll compile into profiles to be posted online and at the local PetSmart to hopefully bring more attention to the animals.

This is Kennedy.

+ Things were going quite swimmingly until about 9 p.m. last night, when the editor in chief called to inform me that the layout editor, the only person on the newspaper staff with a strong proficiency in Adobe InDesign, decided to catch up on academic work instead of finishing the newspaper.  Which meant that we were already behind deadline (the paper usually goes to press Tuesday night), without a layout editor or a paper in progress.  Well, golly gee.

The editor in chief suggested we just create a PDF to distribute, so I Googled the trial version of InDesign and told him (and the student life editor, who was with him at the time) that we could download the trial versions and lay out the paper ourselves.  He said it would be next to impossible due to time constraints; I said I’d rather make a go for it and fail than give up from the start.  So, I clicked “download.”

Did you know that Adobe InDesign can take four hours to install?

Because, it can.

Fortunately (sort of?), the editor didn’t get around to actually searching for a previous edition (so I’d have something to work from) until almost midnight, when the program finally finished installing (and actually, the first time around I received an error message and had to reboot my computer, and the whole time I was thinking about what a fantastic blog post this would make).  I then started laying out four pages of senior spotlights.  That means 16 photos to edit (minus the two that I couldn’t find), 16 articles to edit (and, in one case, write), and one paragraph written of a three-page final due earlier today.

I finally went to bed shortly after 4 a.m.

And then this morning, I received a phone call that the editor in chief was going to just post all of the articles to our website, so never mind the PDF.

PhotobucketHaha, Life.  You’re hilarious.