Laptops and I do not get along.  My laptop tanked on me – this is my second one in three years.  I used it last night to find a recipe for dinner, and when I turned it on later that evening, received a message claiming that the User Profile Service did not recognize my username.  Also, I haven’t backed up my laptop in quite a while and have a habit of deleting photos from memory cards after importing them.  At least it happened before our trip to California.

Speaking of the recipe, I made a baked chicken divan.  Last night, Alan said that it’s referred to as a “casserole” on the West Coast, but it’s called a “hot dish” here on the East Coast.  I told him that I’ve never heard a casserole referred to as a hot dish.  It must be a coal region thing.  Or a that-county-across-the-river thing.  Either way, I had never heard of the term, and Alan works only one to two counties away.

It’s sort of like that time my very German/PA Dutch roommate asked me when I was going to dinner, and I said, “fairly directly,” a common phrase to me.  This also made no sense to Alan.

Anyway.  Recipe and photo will be posted as soon as my laptop is functional again.  It was pretty good, which is saying something because I don’t even like chicken.  Or meat, period.  But, you try growing up in Central Pennsylvania and finding something other than meat and potatoes.

I started the second half of my lap robe.  My grandmother sent some yarn for the ministry and one of the skeins happened to be the exact color I needed.  I’m doing single stitches because I think single stitch blankets are warmer (even though other stitches are far prettier).

Upcycling is swiftly becoming a fun hobby.  I made a notebook from old printouts, articles and copies of my resume, and covered it with newsprint.  There will be photos, later – right now, I can’t upload them to my laptop and my mom’s laptop (which is what I’m currently using) doesn’t have the photo editing software I need.

This blog will most likely be fairly dead for the next week – Alan and I are going to California to visit his family (and I’ll be meeting most of his family for the first time!), and I won’t be lugging around my laptop.  Mainly because it’s dead.  🙂