+ reconnecting.  and shopping.  On Saturday, my sister; her boyfriend, D; Alan; and I went to Scranton to visit my paternal grandmother.  We sat on her patio and chatted for a bit, and then went to a Japanese/Chinese buffet for lunch (I am incredibly leery of buffets … especially Asian buffets, because they are usually highly Americanized … but this one was decent).  Afterward, we went shopping at a nearby mall and I came home with two new dresses – one from The Limited and the other from Charlotte Russe, as well as two new pairs of shoes from Charlotte Russe, to wear with the dresses.  And everything was on sale.

+ where is commodore norrington?!  On Thursday, Alan and I had a date night and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  We haven’t gone to the movie theater or to a restaurant in a while – it made me wonder if that’s what life will be like once the boys are with us or once we have children together.

I mainly wanted to see the movie because of the mermaids, since I no longer have Commodore Norrington to fawn over.  When I was in middle school, I loved the folklore surrounding mermaids – the kind who sing sailors to their deaths, not the kind who swim around singing and rescuing princes and then selling their voices for legs.  So, when I learned that the POTC mermaids remained truer to the legends than to The Little Mermaid, I really wanted to see it (even if Penelope Cruz plays a pirate).  Plus, Hans Zimmer is amazing, and my mom reminded me that if I didn’t like the movie (she had already seen it), then at least there was an epic soundtrack.

+ avatar.  I finally saw Avatar.  My sister and her boyfriend convinced Alan and me that the movie didn’t seem as long as it was (because I have a difficult time justifying the waste of three hours in front of a box).  I think I had deja vu, because I could have sworn there was a 1995 Disney movie featuring almost the exact same storyline, from the main male character who saves the day, to the strong-willed daughter of the chief, to the top male clan warrior, to the greedy leader, to the wise tree.