The boys arrived last night, and that means that I’ll start cooking dinner for the family (actually, I started last week, but there’s a difference between cooking for four to five and seven to eight).  I started cooking dinner on a daily basis (minus weekends) last summer, when watching T and C.  I loved prepping dinner around 3 p.m. and having everything ready once Alan arrived home.  This summer, unfortunately, his schedule has changed, so he won’t arrive home until late evening on Mondays and Tuesdays, and my dad usually skips dinner in favor of hunting.

Once the boys arrive, I’ll be feeding five to six people on Mondays and Tuesdays, six to seven people on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and eight on Friday, when my sister’s boyfriend comes after work.  I’ve decided to keep track of everything I’ve made (and plan to make), to minimize repetition and to mark family favorites.  I also linked to online recipes.

June 6 – 10
M – beef pho (Alan likes this.)
T – sour cream cubed steaks (Mom, Alan and Sarah like this.) calabicitas (Mom loves this.)
W – sweet and sour burgers with oven-baked parmesan-seasoned fries
T – taco skillet (Mom and Alan like this.)
F – teriyaki salmon* (Alan likes this.) and lemon-pepper salmon* with ginger beef rice* (Alan loves this.)

June 13 – 17
M – cheddar french dip sandwiches with fruit and lemon fruit dip
T – baked chicken divan
W – chicken pot pie (Sarah does not like this.)
T – chicken curry* (Dad and Alan like this.) with rice and soup*
F – NY strip steaks with grilled vegetables