The boys are currently watching “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”  I’m not a fan of the television, because the moment the power is turned on, the boys’ eyes glaze over and I usually have to call their names twice before they pay attention (and then it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes before they actually get off of the couch).  I also don’t entirely approve of the movie – it’s rated PG-13, and even if T is going to be 14 within a week, C is 10.  There has been no profanity, but a bit of violence (which hasn’t seemed to faze C).  And don’t get me started on Jake Gyllenhaal being a Persian prince.  However, the allowable movies and music with their father is different from the allowable movies and music with their mother.  It makes for lots of confusion and complaining (C was upset that I wouldn’t let him watch a movie titled “Hellboy,” but I refused to budge on that one).

I feel like I dropped the ball as a future stepmother by letting the boys watch a movie (especially a PG-13 movie … even if it is Disney) so I could work on my thesis, instead of spending quality time with them, and the other day, I felt like I dropped the ball because they biked to the stream to swim while I stayed home to prepare dinner.

On the upside, Alan and I have been doing really well (in my opinion) on presenting a united front to the boys.  My day usually starts between 6 and 7 with devotionals and discussing the day’s agenda with Alan.  And then we discuss the day’s events after the boys go to bed at 8:30 (which has lately been closer to 9 or 10, due to Tae Kwon Do).  We also text throughout the day, so I can keep him apprised of what we’re doing and what we need to discuss later in the evening, which is really helpful (plus, I just like hearing from Alan throughout the day).

Do you have ideas for keeping boys active and outside throughout the day?