Alan finally received his orders.  Sort of.  He doesn’t have a hard copy yet, and that won’t arrive until about a month before he leaves.  I’ve only been saying, “He should receive his orders this week” for the past six months or so.  Not that I was frustrated, or anything. …  Anyway.  Guess where we’re going!

+ Alan’s next duty station is located within the contiguous United States (the 48 adjoining states) and is not in the Mid-Atlantic region.

+ The state boasts the largest land mass of all 50 states (so, it’s not Rhode Island, if that’s what you were thinking).

+ The state has the largest herd of white-tailed deer in the nation (but the first day of hunting season is an unofficial holiday in Pennsylvania).

+ This state has armadillos.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an armadillo.  Except maybe in Florida.

+ The actual duty station was named after a Confederate general who led at Gettysburg, Penn.

+ A Pennsylvanian was made a hero in light of her actions during a tragedy at this duty station in 2009.

This fall, Alan is PCSing to Fort Hood, Texas!  I will be joining him after our wedding in June.  I’m glad that my first moving experience will be within the United States (his other possible choices were Germany and Korea) and that we’ll be close to both his family on the West Coast/Mid-West/East Coast and my family on the East Coast.  I’ve also been stalking the Killeen Daily Herald like it’s my job.  Mainly because I’d like it to be (writing or editing for it, not stalking, that is).

My parents suggested that I send as much of my belongings as possible with Alan this fall.  That, coupled with the fact that this past Independence Day was the last I’ll celebrate with my family for a while, really drove home the fact that I will be graduating college and moving out of the house and starting my own life in less than a year.