On Friday, one of my friends celebrated her 21st birthday with an evening campfire at her home.  It was wonderful to see some of my very close friends from high school – some of whom I hadn’t seen since we graduated in 2008.  Plus, Alan fit right in, which some of my friends commented on and which made me very happy.  It was odd, however, to see how we’ve all changed in such a short time period.  Although we reminisced and talked about our favorite moments from high school and earlier (some of us have known each other since elementary school) – it was crazy to discuss grad school plans, honors theses and wedding plans (for two of us!) between those memories like that-one-time-when-that-one-kid-pretended-his-button-down-shirt-was-a-cape-and-he-pretended-to-fly-around-the-chem-classroom.  No, seriously.  He did.  Just ask anyone who was in the same chem class.  We’re pretty sure that, after the first week of class, our teacher actually scheduled Class Clown Time into his agenda, because he always managed to cover the day’s material.

And, as much as I enjoy and appreciate the friendship of those at college, there’s nothing like the friendship of those whom you’ve known since first grade (or preschool).  Your college friends come on the scene when you’re already an adult (technically).  But those elementary school friends swapped food with you at lunch, traded notes about crushes and drama in middle school and will never let you live down the fact that once, at Busch Gardens on a high school choir trip to Annapolis, you saw some cute Asian kids and said, “I want to have cute Asian babies!,” only to be told that you, in fact, could.

Of course, some times college friends are the only ones who may truly appreciate the fact that you, as a history major, had a major crush on Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.  Who was a Union officer.  During the American Civil War.

Regardless, it was a blessing to be able to reconnect with and celebrate the birthday of a friend.