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+ kidney infection.  Wouldn’t wish one on anyone.  I contracted one last week and consumed 3 quarts of cranberry juice over a period of less than 24 hours.  Quite impressive, since I absolutely hate cranberry juice.  On the upside, after feeling absolutely horrific last Wednesday – on my Top 10 Most Painful Moments of My Life list (which I just created), I’d say a kidney infection ranks at number 3, just below surgeries and above a broken finger – I’m feeling much better now.

+ meet the parents.  Since I wasn’t online much last week, I never recapped our trip to California.  I really enjoyed meeting Alan’s family and am super-excited about becoming part of their family!  Alan and I are very blessed to have such amazing, supportive families.

California, on the other hand, left me feeling a bit … let down.  The scenery was gorgeous (especially driving the Grapevine) and I loved being so close to the beach (and by “close,” I mean 2.5-4 hours, but seriously, drive 2.5 hours in any direction from my house and you’re still in the ridges and valleys of Pennsylvania), but I’ve had better seafood in Pennsylvania.  Like, farm-it-in-Maine-or-catch-it-in-Alaska-and-freeze-it-and-drive-it-to-the-middle-of-Pennsylvania seafood.  On the other upside, there was no humidity.  I had no idea summer could exist without the concept of humidity.  Or flies.  A few times, Alan’s sister’s kids, M and J, left the front door open.  I was expecting someone to remind them to close the door.  Apparently, there’s only a month or so when one must worry about insects in the house.

Some of the photos I took while in California are posted on deviantART (as well as photos of dogs, flowers and other random things).

+ “a wedding, a wedding, we’re going to have a wedding.”  Exactly one year and one week from now, I will be preparing to marry my best friend.  It hasn’t quite sunken in, yet – the whole, “hey, you have a wedding to plan and you should probably have gotten on that about a week ago.”  Why should I have gotten on that a week ago?  Well, there’s … Alan’s much-talked-about-but-never-seen orders for some time between August and October.  My extra class (and, did I mention I’m taking math, my least favorite subject ever?).  My honors thesis.  The fact that I will be the editor in chief of the college newspaper next year.  The fact that one of my professors asked if I would help organize a student debate team.  The fact that house hunting is unbelievably more fun than looking for a caterer.  And the fact that, within a week, my summer will be completely filled with watching T and C, leaving little to no time for wedding planning.

Fortunately, I have a super-awesome mom (who has been, for about a week, reminding me that there is a wedding in about a year that I have to plan for).

I think, first of all, we need to narrow down the guest list.  We’re currently slightly over 100 (Alan originally wanted 30 … and I wanted 300), and over 50% of those guests are my friends and family.  Approximately 20% are mutual friends/vendors, which leaves about 30% of the guests seated on Alan’s “side,” which would be lopsided and odd.  But, seating guests according to affiliation makes me think of this, anyway:

And that’s just sad.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters+ nikon.  After much deliberation, a Nikon D5100 has been welcomed into the house.  I’m so glad Shooter is so photogenic.

Alan and I plan to take this with us on our trip to California to visit his family, and I also plan to use it in photographing and recording interviews for my senior honors thesis.

+ the closest shave.  I watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street for the first time this weekend.  The song “Johanna” has been forever ruined for me by the fact that the men sang it in a choir concert during high school.  Hearing the same song for an entire semester will do that for you.

+ cooking.  Alan was late arriving home tonight, so I made a very meat-and-potatoes sort of dinner for my family around 5 p.m. – a teriyaki chicken dish (and staple of Japanese bento boxes) and a potato dish that my grandmother made for Easter.  Not surprisingly, my potatoes turned out nothing like hers, even though I followed the recipe.  There’s something about Pennsylvania Dutch grandmothers, I’m telling you.

Then, I made Spanish rice, reheated the potatoes and chilled the chicken instead of frying it, so Alan and I had teriyaki chicken salad wraps, instead.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I did eat two dinners tonight.

And I’ll raid the kitchen again in about an hour and a half.

+ roasted newt.  It’s quite possible that I pretend I’m Sen in Spirited Away whenever I eat siopao.

It’s also quite possible that Maddie likes to pretend she’s eating my siopao.  And even though you can’t tell from this photo, Shooter is sitting to Maddie’s left.  He’s just too short to have made this photo.