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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ tokyo hibachi and bar. On Sunday night, Alan and I tried a different Japanese restaurant, since we will never again return to Panda Heaven.  We ordered miso, Kumamoto oysters, sushi (he had a flaming volcano roll and I had a bonsai roll) and tempura green tea ice cream.  It was amazing and there will be more photos and our opinion of the restaurant to come.

Excuse the phone photo

+ books. On Saturday, Alan and I took the boys to a local park to play and lunch for a bit.  Then, we went to Barnes & Noble — we promised C that if he reads the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (there are five), we’ll take him to see the movie.  If T reads the equivalent for a series he chose (Young Bond), he’ll be able to shadow a chef.  It should be a great way to encourage them to read more often — when I was younger, my dad always allowed my sister and me to pick a book from the bookstore, as long as we promised to read it.  And now my bookshelf is overflowing with well over 300 books (not including the nook’s virtual shelves).  I think C’s series is a bit elementary for his age group, but we have to start somewhere, and he really seems to enjoy the books (the boys spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening reading, which rarely happens).  Next, we’ll work on their penmanship.

+ recipes. I also baked hearty berry muffins on Thursday and prepared chicken nanban for dinner on Saturday.  For lunch, I cooked butternut squash and red onion pasta on Sunday.  I substituted apple sauce for the egg in the muffin mix (because directly prior to making the muffins, I made fried rice with the only two eggs left), and they turned out rather well.  They’re filling and yummy (and healthy!) without sacrificing flavor.  The chicken was also really good — I love the sauce (Alan made the classic sauce) and we will definitely have that for dinner again.  For the pasta, I couldn’t find the thyme and forgot the spinach, so I substituted persillade for the thyme and left out the greens completely.  I also added extra olive oil, and that was Sunday’s lunch.

+ honors thesis. I was invited to write an honors thesis (which is required to graduate with College Honors and Departmental Distinction).  I also received my audit and need seven classes to graduate (plus the suggested independent study to accompany my thesis, which makes eight).  Four courses a semester is the common course load here, but I’m considering taking on more to ease spring semester of senior year (especially if I’ll be winding up wedding plans, moving plans and starting career plans).  It’s times like these that I wish I would have taken the risk of adding a fifth course every semester — I could have graduated a year early.


+ You baked a Korean cake for my birthday.

+ You made bibimbap.  And it was yummy.

+ You filled out all of the customs forms.

+ We were able to spend extra time together each day this week on your commute to work.

+ We went out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ care packages. I turned 21 on Saturday — Alan and I started the day by going for coffee at the local coffee shop.  The guys (a quirky and wonderful group of men I’ll have to write about some time) sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and then Alan and I met Mom, the pastor and his family and another family at church.  We spent the next two and a half hours organizing, packing and preparing care packages for shipment.  The boys signed their names on letters and box flaps, wrote “thank you” on plastic bags and even helped secure the boxes with tape.
After that, we spent half an hour in the post office.  Most of it was spent filling in the customs forms more completely.  There are currently 16 care packages en route to Afghanistan — six for Frank, Sarah‘s husband and my former neighbor; six for Alex, a friend and the boyfriend of a friend; and four for four airmen, whose contact information was given to me by Lori Stewart, president of Toys for Troops.

Pastor and Alan assemble shipping boxes


Writing notes on plastic bags before adding peanut brittle

Shooter guards some finished packages

16 boxes -- ready for the postmaster

+ korean. Alan made a Korean birthday cake (similar to sponge cake) and bibimbap, my absolute favorite Korean dish.  There would be photos, except for the fact that I cannot find my USB cable to connect my camera to my computer.

+ gym. Alan and I went to the gym this morning.  I walked for a mile, realized I was still cold and my hands were freezing, jogged for 3/4 of a mile to warm up and then resumed walking.  I have slightly over two months before our engagement photo session, so I’d like to tone up a bit before then.  Last spring, I went jogging on a regular basis with a guy from college (he was training for a marathon).  It was such a motivator because I didn’t want to be bested by a guy, especially because he was bigger than me.  But he transferred, so I have no running buddy.  I’ll have to start taking Shooter once the temperature warms a bit.

+ engagement photos. Our session has been scheduled for May 19, a few days before we fly out to visit Alan’s family in California.

+ catch-up. Tonight, Alan and I made plans to meet up with Frank and Sarah.  He’s home on R&R, and I haven’t seen him since he graduated high school in 2006-ish (or somewhere around there).  We lived in the same neighborhood for years, but it wasn’t until we both graduated that we started talking on a more regular basis.  Funny how that works.  I met Sarah in December, while Alan and I were in Lancaster for his ATC.  Her best piece of advice: “Don’t repeat ‘To the Fallen.’  Whatever you do.”