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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters+ nikon.  After much deliberation, a Nikon D5100 has been welcomed into the house.  I’m so glad Shooter is so photogenic.

Alan and I plan to take this with us on our trip to California to visit his family, and I also plan to use it in photographing and recording interviews for my senior honors thesis.

+ the closest shave.  I watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street for the first time this weekend.  The song “Johanna” has been forever ruined for me by the fact that the men sang it in a choir concert during high school.  Hearing the same song for an entire semester will do that for you.

+ cooking.  Alan was late arriving home tonight, so I made a very meat-and-potatoes sort of dinner for my family around 5 p.m. – a teriyaki chicken dish (and staple of Japanese bento boxes) and a potato dish that my grandmother made for Easter.  Not surprisingly, my potatoes turned out nothing like hers, even though I followed the recipe.  There’s something about Pennsylvania Dutch grandmothers, I’m telling you.

Then, I made Spanish rice, reheated the potatoes and chilled the chicken instead of frying it, so Alan and I had teriyaki chicken salad wraps, instead.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I did eat two dinners tonight.

And I’ll raid the kitchen again in about an hour and a half.

+ roasted newt.  It’s quite possible that I pretend I’m Sen in Spirited Away whenever I eat siopao.

It’s also quite possible that Maddie likes to pretend she’s eating my siopao.  And even though you can’t tell from this photo, Shooter is sitting to Maddie’s left.  He’s just too short to have made this photo.


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ care packages. I turned 21 on Saturday — Alan and I started the day by going for coffee at the local coffee shop.  The guys (a quirky and wonderful group of men I’ll have to write about some time) sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and then Alan and I met Mom, the pastor and his family and another family at church.  We spent the next two and a half hours organizing, packing and preparing care packages for shipment.  The boys signed their names on letters and box flaps, wrote “thank you” on plastic bags and even helped secure the boxes with tape.
After that, we spent half an hour in the post office.  Most of it was spent filling in the customs forms more completely.  There are currently 16 care packages en route to Afghanistan — six for Frank, Sarah‘s husband and my former neighbor; six for Alex, a friend and the boyfriend of a friend; and four for four airmen, whose contact information was given to me by Lori Stewart, president of Toys for Troops.

Pastor and Alan assemble shipping boxes


Writing notes on plastic bags before adding peanut brittle

Shooter guards some finished packages

16 boxes -- ready for the postmaster

+ korean. Alan made a Korean birthday cake (similar to sponge cake) and bibimbap, my absolute favorite Korean dish.  There would be photos, except for the fact that I cannot find my USB cable to connect my camera to my computer.

+ gym. Alan and I went to the gym this morning.  I walked for a mile, realized I was still cold and my hands were freezing, jogged for 3/4 of a mile to warm up and then resumed walking.  I have slightly over two months before our engagement photo session, so I’d like to tone up a bit before then.  Last spring, I went jogging on a regular basis with a guy from college (he was training for a marathon).  It was such a motivator because I didn’t want to be bested by a guy, especially because he was bigger than me.  But he transferred, so I have no running buddy.  I’ll have to start taking Shooter once the temperature warms a bit.

+ engagement photos. Our session has been scheduled for May 19, a few days before we fly out to visit Alan’s family in California.

+ catch-up. Tonight, Alan and I made plans to meet up with Frank and Sarah.  He’s home on R&R, and I haven’t seen him since he graduated high school in 2006-ish (or somewhere around there).  We lived in the same neighborhood for years, but it wasn’t until we both graduated that we started talking on a more regular basis.  Funny how that works.  I met Sarah in December, while Alan and I were in Lancaster for his ATC.  Her best piece of advice: “Don’t repeat ‘To the Fallen.’  Whatever you do.”

I started off this morning with some fervent praying, though it wasn’t the sort of praying I particularly enjoy.  Shooter chewed through his leash (a very thick, traditional leash as opposed to a retractable one) and ran off this morning.  And we didn’t notice it for a while, because Shooter enjoys spending extended periods of time outside.

Mom didn’t notice until about ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for church.  I told her not to worry and called Alan to let him know that Shooter was gone but we were going to search for him.  Since Shooter had done the same thing last week, Alan told me which route he had taken, and so I started the Jeep and set off after him, praying that I would find Shooter (alive).  In retrospect, had Alan not had the same experience last week, I would not have called him to let him know that Shooter was gone.  I would have called him after Shooter had been found, because there’s no sense in worrying someone who is too far away to do anything.  Fortunately, Alan’s advice helped.

Less than 300 yards from the house, I spotted him sniffing at the ice about 60 yards from the road.  When I called his name, he perked up and froze.  He usually does this when he’s about to bolt.  Fortunately, he must have been ready to go home, because he ran toward me and we hopped back in the Jeep.  He immediately laid down and enjoyed the heat while I turned around and drove home, thanking God the entire time that Shooter was safe.  I didn’t scold him, in part because I was so happy that I wasn’t scraping him off of the road, and also because my aunt told me to never scold dogs upon their return, or else they won’t want to return the next time.

When I called Alan to let him know that Shooter had been found, he said that Shooter had also come the moment he called him (which is odd, because usually Shooter only comes if we ignore him, and runs away when we call him).  Shooter has also escaped a few times by bolting out the door when Maddie is let outside.  Alan managed to catch him with little effort simply by petting Maddie and giving her all of his attention, which immediately brought a very jealous Shooter sprinting back to the house.  While that has worked for us, I have the feeling we’ll need to add some more tricks to our repertoire.  I think he also simply needs some exercise, which may be his reason for seeking freedom at every available opportunity.  Usually when he escapes, he runs around for a bit, tires and decides he’s done (but usually, he waits to be picked up instead of walking toward whomever is chasing him).

Has your dog ever run off?  How did you lure him back home?