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For lunch today, the boys had sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches (T had Colby Jack on an English muffin and C had American on white bread) and strawberries with lemon dip.  T’s dessert was a chocolate-covered strawberry; I packed yogurt-covered pretzels for C, since he didn’t like the chocolate I used for the strawberry.  Hot sauce is in the small container in T’s bento box.


Last Thursday, I packed a bento lunch for C to take with him to a day camp.  He took some ring bologna/summer sausage, a scrambled egg shaped like Mickey Mouse (with ketchup in the sauce bottle), grapes and Cheez-Its.  I explained my philosophy on food when the boys asked why I didn’t just buy something from the store – preparing a meal is one of my favorite ways to manifest love and care.  It only takes a few dollars and a trip to the grocery store (or a nearby convenience store) to buy a lunch, but it takes time to carve someone’s name out of slices of ring bologna when you’re using a chef knife (for future reference, use a paring knife).  I also like the satisfaction of knowing exactly what I’m serving (except for the ring bologna, and even though it’s been a staple of my Pennsylvania diet, I don’t want to know what’s in it).

For the same reason, I don’t like to use too many chemical-laden products.  We even mixed our own insect repellent to use at Ricketts Glen by mixing 16 ounces of witch hazel, 20 drops of citronella java essential oil, 20 drops of lemongrass essential oil and 20 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle, which worked quite well and smells wonderful (and, it’s safe for pets!).  I’ve also heard that rose geranium essential oil is an effective tick repellent, so we may try that.

But, back to bento boxes.  The boys started TKD summer camp today, so I packed a bento box for each of them.  They each received some strawberries and yogurt-covered pretzels, though C has a star-shaped ham sandwich and scrambled egg, while T has mini burritos (I mixed salsa in with the meat after I cooked it to reduce the chance that the tortilla would become soggy by lunch time).

I have to admit, packing bentos for Alan is so much easier than packing for T or C, simply because the boys are still developing their tastes (which seem to change weekly).

Tomorrow, I think I’ll pack tamagoyaki and apples with a tuna salad pocket sandwich for T and a peanut butter and jelly pocket sandwich for C.