Pretend that the card stock is red, with black paper and gold font.  Instead of the usual table name or number, we’ve decided to use names, places and numbers to direct guests to their seating arrangements.

The people, dates, numbers and locations will pertain to either Korea or the U.S. Army (or maybe we’ll mix both and have a Korean War theme).  If applicable, the table ID will be written in both Korean and English.

We have not yet decided where to host the reception.  Option 1 is a family residence.  Option 2 is a restaurant.  If we host the reception at Option 1, we’d like red paper lanterns to line the way to the reception area (the reception will start around late afternoon or early evening).  If we host the reception at Option 2, I would love to string paper lanterns across the ceiling.

After discovering yuyuart on Etsy, we began considering Korean bride and Caucasian groom cake toppers.  We haven’t decided on the design of the cake yet, but I like the whimsy toy soldiers would bring to our wedding.  In my mind, having a cake with Korean elements (mountains, temples, etc.) designed in the icing would blend both worlds if we added toy soldiers.  They could be standing or lying on the exposed tops of tiers, or hiding around the corners.  Adorable?  I think so.  I would also like to point out that, at this point, I’m pretty sure that nothing really goes together as far as this theme is concerned, minus the colors (Years from now . . . or maybe hours . . . I might look back and think, “Toy soldiers on the wedding cake?  Seriously?”).