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+ You stayed longer after the honors and awards ceremony, even though that meant you arrived home late.

+ You put your phone near the TV so I could hear Obama’s address to the nation.

+ We text each other at the same time.

+ You reminded me to look for my flash drive.

+ You’re picking me up even though it means lots of time on the road today.


+ You are always super-encouraging.

+ We met at Sheetz on my way to college.

+ You gave me a healthier version of Lunchables for breakfast!  And my favorite Naked Juice!

+ You always say good-night, even if it’s just a text message.

+ You take really good care of Shooter. 🙂

+ You scouted out the area for me so I would know exactly where to go for my interview.

+ You’re excited about my thesis.

+ You always make me laugh.

+ You are always looking out for me – you sent me a link about O Mart and a newspaper.

+ We have the latest version of Firefox.  This is awesome.