Please excuse the photo quality -- I used my BlackBerry.


I made calabicitas from And You Never Did Think and baked shrimp and French bread from The Tale of Two Kitchens for yesterday’s dinner.  All three turned out well, in spite of the fact that my bread dough didn’t rise as much as I would have liked.  In my defense, it was the very first loaf of bread I have ever baked in my life.  I won’t repost the recipes here, since they’re all still available on the linked blogs above and I didn’t change much in the recipes.

For the remainder of the week, the dinner menu will pay homage to some of the blogs I read frequently.  Tonight, I’m making jesstagirl and her officer’s cottage pie.  I’m going to bake And You Never Did Think’s Irish Car Bomb Cake, although my family doesn’t stock alcohol, so I have no Guinness, Bailey’s or whiskey.  Instead, I’m using Yuengling (the only good thing to come out of Snyder County, according to my dad) for the Guinness, Bailey’s coffee creamer for the Bailey’s and I’m going to use peanut butter in place of the whiskey.  I don’t exactly know how peanut butter equals whiskey, but the recipe is “chocolate whiskey buttercream frosting,” and I thought “chocolate peanut butter buttercream frosting” sounds even better.  So, it doesn’t quite fulfill the “Irish” part of the name.  Tomorrow will be slow cooker potato soup from The Tale of Two Kitchens and pan-fried chicken nanban from Just Bento.  I’ll also bake the other half of the bread dough (Jess’ recipe makes two loaves).

On another note, I recently found one of my favorite songs on YouTube: Hey, wir wollen die eisbaren sehen (Hey, we want to see the polar bears).  During my senior year of high school, an exchange student from Germany became really close friends with my sister.  As a parting gift, he burned her a CD of some German and American songs, which I then added to my iTunes library.  Unfortunately, Apple only allows you to sync your iPod with one computer, and when my old laptop crashed, I had no way to save my music, except for on the iPod.  Now, however, I can’t sync it or download the music to my new laptop, so I haven’t been able to listen to that particular song in half of forever (or maybe since last summer, when Alan let me play it really loudly in his truck).  And I couldn’t remember the name, so every time I typed in “Eisbar” on YouTube, the search results were completely different from what I wanted.  Moral of the story: We need to figure out these iPod kinks before the wedding, if we use an iPod for the ceremony/reception music.