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From Thursday – Sunday, Household6 Diva held a Blizzard Bloghop.  I contributed two packages for a giveaway, and am pleased to announce that Katie of Like Sunshine After the Rain and Anastasia of Wild Blue Wonders are the winners!

Katie’s package includes Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues, Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15 and Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss.

Anastasia’s package includes an MKMen Face Bar, MKMen Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 45 and a Velocity Lightweight Moisturizer and Facial Cleanser set.

Both will be shipped this weekend!


If you have a blog and are not participating in Household6 Diva’s Blizzard Bloghop, you should be.  Especially since there will be awesome giveaways, including Mary Kay products courtesy of me.  If you are, then welcome!

My name is Elizabeth, and I blog here at Ducks & Decisive Engagement.  My fiancee and I selected that title as a reflection of our lives and our wedding.

I was born in the Republic of Korea, adopted and reared in Pennsylvania.  The only information I have about my biological family is 20 years old.  Nevertheless, being Korean is an important part of who I am, and we are giving a nod to that heritage in our wedding.  It is a Korean tradition that the groom give the parents of the bride a pair of wooden Mandarin ducks.  Mandarin ducks mate for life, and so it is a symbolic way of reassuring the parents that the marriage is for life.  The female duck also has a string tied around her beak — this is to remind the wife to remain silent.  Couples today use the ducks as a passive-aggressive way of communication — when the ducks face one another, the marriage is happy; when the ducks face away from one another, there is a disagreement.

“Decisive engagement” is a military term.  When I first met Alan, he was in uniform.  The first time I visited a military base for longer than the time it takes to have my ID renewed was to visit him during schooling and attending his graduation at Ft. Lee.  This past December, I attended my first military ball with him, and was given the honor of pinning his rank on him at promotion.  The Army is part of who he is, and it will be part of who we are.  “Decisive engagement” refers to a situation in which forces are fully engaged and cannot retreat, and will either emerge victorious or defeated (think Thermopylae).  I thought it fit perfectly, because it has the word “engagement” in it, even though it refers to a different sort of engagement.  Also, it is my belief that marriage is for life.  I do not believe in divorce (except in extreme circumstances, but then, you probably should have gotten to know your spouse a bit better before you decided to marry), so Alan and I will be together until death.  How morbid.

Alan and I met in December of 2008, but didn’t actually get to know each other until August 2009.  Our friendship slowly transitioned into something more, so the only significant date to our relationship between August 2009 and December 24, 2010, was December 24, 2009 — the day Alan knew that he wanted to marry me, and the day on which he proposed one year later.

This blog is a way for our families and friends near and far to stay connected with us and follow the wedding planning, and hopefully serves as inspiration for any other bride planning a DiY/budget wedding.  It also enables me to chronicle the last three semesters of college life and Alan’s pending PCS (permanent change of station — which makes no sense to me, since people permanently change their station on a frequent basis) in the middle of our planning.  Plus, you can also read all about our adorable shiba inu, Shooter, his golden retriever aunt, Maddie, and their love of dried, smoked honey ham.

Thank you for stopping by, and don’t forget to comment with a link to your blog so I can visit!