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+ writing.  Lately, it seems that all of my creativity has flown out the window.  Usually, it waits until the beginning of the fall semester to pack its bags, but it would seem that my inspiration decided to leave early this year.  To make up for the half a dozen or so blog posts I’ve started and subsequently trashed over the past week or so, I decided to try a different approach – I’m writing this entry on OmmWriter, a downloadable program with pretty backgrounds, relaxing music and and minimal features.  I used OmmWriter Dana the other night for the first time, and wrote a 700+ word article in far less time than I’d alloted for myself.  This thing is magical.  Either that, or it’s a psychological trick that my mind is playing on me because the program is new (to me) and has pretty backgrounds and music.  Nevertheless, whether the program is magical or whether I’m crazy, I still managed to write an article and I love OmmWriter.

+ future stepmomhood.  The boys and I have recently taken to playing Monopoly and asking to visit a nearby park.  I may or may not play on the equipment with them until other adults show up, and then quickly pretend I’m just taking photos because I’m clearly too old to be playing on a playground. …  Since they learned that the Nikon D5100 has a video-recording feature, they’ve begun scripting their own movies and commercials.

+ journalism.  The 2011 Associated Press Stylebook arrived in the mail the other day.  Or, maybe that was yesterday … the days all run together.  Either way, I was super-excited to upgrade my 2009 edition.

+ pcs.  Yesterday, I decided to finally begin sorting my belongings into pack/sell piles.  After a couple of hours, my room looked like it exploded (and, actually, it still does) and I didn’t even have one full box to show for my efforts.  I’d like to hold a yard sale, but I don’t live in a high-traffic area and I wouldn’t be able to ask reasonable prices for a lot of my more pricey things (like two prom dresses).  I considered posting online, but I’m not keen on the idea of shipping said prom dresses, in the event that someone is interested.  So, at the moment, my room is a mess and there is a box of randomness on the floor.

+ wedding planning i haven’t done.  In other news about things-I-should-have-started-half-of-forever-ago, Alan and I still have yet to select a caterer.  I suppose one usually schedules a tasting with potential caterers, before selecting one.  Which, we still have yet to do.  On the upside, my mom, sister, K, N and I are going bridesmaid shopping next month.  Which, apparently, is only two days away.

+ more wedding planning i haven’t done.  Also, we’ve decided to send out our save-the-dates nine months ahead of time (mid-September) and our invitations six months ahead of time, instead of the usual six- and three-month mailing dates.  Since almost everyone on Alan’s side will be flying in or driving in from outside Pennsylvania, it only makes sense for us to give everyone early notice in order to arrange flights or vacation/leave dates.


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

+ how not to make chocolate chip cookies. I baked some chocolate chip cookies Thursday evening.  The adventure began when I realized that I was supposed to use an electric mixer, but being a poor college student, didn’t have one.  So, I decided to microwave the butter and sugar.  I popped it in for 15 seconds, and all was well.  I mixed everything and needed to microwave it again.  Except I didn’t realize that the top half of the “start” button means “start,” whereas the bottom half of the start button means “plus one minute.”  I was wondering why the 20-second increment was the longest 20 seconds of my life. …  When I pulled out the mixture, it was more like soup.  So, I decided to stick it in the freezer!  It began to harden, and I wondered if it would harden faster if I spread it around the edges of the bowl to increase surface area.  So I did!  And then I logged on Facebook.  And then, several minutes later, remembered my cookies and pulled out some frozen butter and sugar.  Fortunately, it all melted and began to resemble cookie dough.  And then I realized that I didn’t have enough white sugar, so I substituted semi-processed cane sugar.  And I substituted apple sauce for the eggs.  But in spite of it all, they were yummy.

+ where are we going? Alan and I have been looking at houses at his potential new location, and also scouting out some journalism jobs for me.  Aren’t you all dying to know where we’re going?  I know I am.

+ twice as nice. Throughout the month of April, working part time or full time teaching skin care and selling products women love is half as easy – start your Mary Kay business for only $50.  The new starter kit includes new mirror cases and your choice of either mineral foundations or the new TimeWise liquid foundations (which I love).
I have no idea why I summarized this as being “twice as nice,” since the investment is half of what it normally is.  But “half as nice” doesn’t seem very nice.  Unless it’s twice as nice because of the spring break rate and the new foundations. …

+ muffins. I decided to skip the creative titling on this one.  I made spinach cheddar muffins for Sunday School Saturday night.  Burned batch aside, they were yummy.

+ languages. I’ve mentioned that I’ve studied French, Spanish and Mandarin, but never German.  Last night, I glanced over the course catalog in preparation for scheduling for the fall semester, and I realized that French 101, Spanish 101 and German 101 are all being offered in the fall.  I’m debating whether or not I want to audit one (or more) of those courses next semester.  If I audit a course, I won’t receive credit for it, but I have the luxury of attending whenever I can.  I would really love to study French again, but I think Spanish would be more practical and I shouldn’t ignore German. …  Plus, some of my friends speak German very well/are fluent, so it might be easier.