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Today begins the second day of summer vacation.  C has recently finished breakfast and placed his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and is currently sitting in the living room, playing his 30 daily minutes on his brother’s Nintendo DS Lite.  I woke up some time after 6 a.m., and have already squeezed in breakfast, devotionals (I’ve started highlighting text pertaining to women, motherhood and marriage, so if you’ve any verses to recommend, please share!) and now some blogging and blog-reading-catching-upping.  Or something like that.

Yesterday went well.  Very well.  … Almost too well.  I’d like to think the boys are maturing and I’m learning them better.  After breakfast, we went to Grammy’s and planted some very late tomato, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants, as well as some chive, carrot, spinach mustard and lettuce seeds.  Although my sister and I helped our grandparents with the garden when we were younger, I haven’t spent the summer at their house in years.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed working in the dirt.

When we went to the pool so C could use his new 3-D chalk (which actually works) on the concrete, I I was briefly surprised by a garter snake sunning himself on a bridge.  And then we went in the kitchen, Grammy fed the boys like only grandmothers can and we talked for quite a bit.  When it was time to leave, C didn’t want to because he was comfortable and T said he really enjoyed it.

At the house, the boys watched The Prince of Egypt and then we had a late lunch, after which I started making dinner (cheddar french dip sandwiches).  Then, we went to the boy’s first Tae Kwon Do class.  Being a former student of their new instructor, I think I was even more nervous than they were.  But, they’re learning quickly; I was surprised by how well they’d retained what they learned, and they both told me how much they enjoyed it.  C even just came over to show me the form (Four-Directional Punch) they learned.  T is more a fan of the self-defense than the forms, and last night after we arrived home, they both learned how to properly wear their uniforms and showed their dad their forms and self-defense.

Also, the boys’ instructor last night was a student when I attended classes.  He’s currently a third-degree black belt, preparing for his fourth-degree test.

T recently woke up and is finishing breakfast.  And then we’re off to the local farmers market, the library, Grammy’s and Tae Kwon Do.


Shooter graduated from PetSmart’s beginner level of puppy training last night.  It took us the full hour and a half to complete about 30 tasks, from sitting in front of the cat adoption center to sitting in front of the bird cages.  Over the course of his training, Shooter also learned to sit, stay, come, bow, down, beg and roll over.

At the end of the test, Shooter graduated and had the opportunity to wear a little mortarboard.  He wasn’t too certain about it, as is evident from the photos, but once it was on his head, he wore it and waited for Alan to take it off after a few minutes.  He received a certificate from PetSmart, as well as Blue Buffalo, my favorite brand for dog food and treats.  To celebrate his graduation, he also received a small tin of treats, a bag of mini Milk Bones, some rawhide treats, a Healthy Living Pomegranate & Cherry chicken chew (which he loved), a tennis ball from Blue Buffalo and some GNC Pet vitamins.  Aside from the PetSmart gifts, Shooter also has a treat bag similar to the one his trainer carries, a chipmunk toy and a peanut butter-filled knee bone (ew).

Have you ever taken your dog to training classes?  What’s your dog’s favorite treat?