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+ You stopped your truck just to hop out and kiss me good-bye because you didn’t know which route I’d take.

+ You filled up my gas tank.

+ We had yummy sushi.

+ You didn’t mind that I had a Lunchables even though I’m decidedly not in elementary school. 🙂

+ You bought the gum I wanted even though I argued that it wasn’t a necessity and was too expensive.


+ We met halfway for dinner.

+ You gave me some french fries.

+ You always get Shooter when he escapes.

+ You served as texting intermediary to my questions about Libya and T’s responses.

+ You listened to me talk about my day even though it was almost midnight.

+ You’re picking up lamb so we can make Moroccan meatballs!

+ I surprised you by coming home from college a day early!

+ We tried a new restaurant and it was awesome!

+ You don’t mind that I photograph my food whenever we try new restaurants.  Or else you hide your freaked outness really well.

+ You watched Bones with me last night and thought the Body Farm was awesome.

+ You keep me updated on stuff.

+ We cook a lot and it is fun.